Powerful data warehouse for capture and management of information from a wide array of sources including Financial Management and Accounting to Healthcare Medical Records Billing and Electronic Payment Systems.


If your back-office accounting process relies on laborious and error-prone cross referencing of printed reports, spreadsheets, and manual calculations every month then you need our General Ledger Connector - works with major enterprise G/Ls.

EzBond™ Manager

Our powerful, flexible, and comprehensive software platform that saves you time, reduces information entry errors, and speeds the process of accepting requests from your clients and then produces a variety of surety bond types.

Heron InterAct

A leading provider of software products and solutions focused on the Financial and Insurance markets. We are an experienced provider of flexible software solutions, consulting, implementation, project management, training, and support services.

  • Powerful Data Warehouse Solutions
    for Institutional Investment and
    Asset Management Organizations
    Using Multiple Investment Data Sources

  • General Ledger Connector with
    Chart of Accounts Mapping for
    Simplified Summary Uploads to
    Enterprise General Ledger Platforms

  • Surety Bond Management
    Workflow Solutions to Streamline
    Agency Operations

  • Company Information

Heron InterAct

Heron InterAct is a leading provider of integrated data warehousing solutions for institutional investment, asset management, insurance, financial services, and accounting organizations. Our platforms provide comprehensive tools for data source capture, normalization, storage, retrieval, reporting, and integrated back-office tie-ins. Currently, our solutions are meeting the needs of a variety of large organizations. Our proven approach gives you the optimized software tools along with industry subject matter expertise and professional services that net you a more efficient and accurate accounting, auditing, and reporting back-end operation. Additionally, Heron InterAct offers information technology products, services, and solutions to the Surety & Bond Agency industry along with our EzBond™ Agency Edition platform. Technical support for all products and solutions is provided by experts in advanced software technologies and specialists in financial and insurance agency applications.

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